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More Alike Than Different Podcast- Episode 5
Circus of Thoughts

Episode 5: - Circus of ThoughtsGail Hamblin
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Do you have a Circus of Thoughts in your mind?

Show Notes

     If you are a new mama to the special needs community, you probably have a circus of thoughts floating in your mind all day long! 

  • When will this kid sleep through the night?

  • What other “extras” are going to pop up that I have to deal with for a long time?

  • Will they walk, talk, understand me, or eat solid table food? The list goes on.


     Every child is different.  Therefore, your thoughts will be different than my crazy experiences.  So, how have I calmed the constant problem solving, future problem solving, and stopping thoughts that I don’t even need to be solved from claiming most of my time?  It seems like a circus of thoughts the size of a mountain.  It is so overwhelming that you feel crushed just trying to take a deep breath. 


     First thing I think about is why are these thoughts circling me?  Is it important?  Yup!  I try very hard to think about priorities.  What are these circus of thoughts making me feel or what is the underlining emotion?  Fear, worry, dread, the feeling of loss of control, loneliness, jealousy, or exhaustion - what really is it?


     Alright- I have identified if it’s important or not and the feeling associated with it.  Next, I name it.  I do this by writing it down on paper.  There is a power in naming something.  Sometimes just the awareness of whatever it is takes away it’s massive feeling of weight or grandness.  Next, I list the items as priorities.  What is the biggest issue in my thoughts?  And, what is the most important to handle?  They are not always the same answer. 

     You must determine your priorities.  Everyone has a different focus or lifestyle viewpoint.  Make a list of priorities.  Just making a list, quiets the circus!

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