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More Alike Than Different Podcast- Episode 4
Back to School- Developing a Child Resume

Episode 4: Back to School- Developing a Child Reume or Vision StatementGail Hamblin
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It is Back to School time!  Are you ready? 


Show Notes


     I like to send a one-page document with some brief information about my child the first day of school.  In this child resume or vision statement document, I list 5 distinct areas.  I give a one to two sentence(s) vision for the progress or focus for the upcoming school year.  I call that my vision statement.  Then, I focus on listing some of my strengths.  I try to use bullet points to keep the information easy to digest.  Next, I list a few challenges my child has.  The following section focuses on tips, techniques or strategies that do work for my child.  These could be giving wait time, using a timer before transitioning activities, using a first/then picture board.  I try to keep these bullets to about 3-5 items.  I also list a few bullets of “things that do not work”.  These could range from yelling, socially isolating, or any other action that does not help.


Child Resume contains contact information such as you email, phone number, or address as well as the following:

  • Vision Statement

  • Strengths

  • Challenges

  • Things That Work

  • Things That Don't Work


     Why do you write a resume? You want others to see your value and your skills.  That is why I think it is so important to create a resume for your child.  This builds a road map for your team to see where we are and where we would like to go in the future.




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