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More Alike Than Different Podcast- Episode 1
Emergency Preparedness

Episode 1: Emergency PreparednessGail Hamblin
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Meet Gail with this first episode!  She gives some background on how she became an advocate for those with special needs.  Tips and ideas to make your own hospital and vehicle bag for emergencies.  Planning takes on a whole new level when you have children with special needs!

Show Notes

     When I first joined the special need’s parent club, I took a look around and studied older families,  I found two distinct groups of families- those that allowed things to happen and tried to stay silent & those that didn’t take anything and were  strong advocates.  I decided early on that I would not “allow” things to just happen.  I knew that meant I would change.  I knew that meant I would have to voice unpopular views and I also knew that I would be viewed as a "B" or one of “those” moms.  I had tried so hard to be a good person.  But, something inside me could not let me go down the quiet road.  To be frank, I am such an introvert!  I’m going to tell you that this whole quarantine that we find ourselves in is somewhat comforting for me.  I like a little bit of isolation. Anyway, I wanted to give you a little tiny glimpse of the road I have traveled to get here.  Here is where I share information, provide experiences and try to help other out there too! 

COVID-19 Preparedness-

Fear- It is real!  Finding food.  In some ways, there is no way to be prepared for this global pandemic.  My hoarding nature.  What do you need?  It is truly different for EVERY family.  I am not joking.


What do you need now?


For Your Vehicle-

Spare Tire, Jack, Air Pump, Emergency blanket, glow sticks, road hazard glow sticks, paper towels or wipes, flashlight


Water, Electrolytes- Gatorade, Pedialyte or Coconut Water


Diaper bag- diapers, wipes, creams, change of clothes


Snacks- Food Allergies




Hand crank radio, plastic bags- Ziploc, trash bags, etc.


Gloves, plastic and work


Think about AT- low tech- whiteboard with marker, Paper and pencil




LABEL with YOUR NAME- EVERYTHING- like you are going to pre-k for the first day



Children- Games for the car, travel games, cards, mad libs, toys for the car, electronics,


Clorox/Lysol Wipes

Hand Sanitizer



NOW- Gloves, diapers, wipes, medicines, (formula) medical equipment, change of clothes, pjs, hand sanitizer, overnight bag- razor, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, comb, whatever your go to is!  Tissues!  A list of Allergies- Blank notebook with pen or pencil. Phone charger- any equipment you need.  If you are a lady, monthly lady time supplies!  It never fails that a hospital stay is when it’s your time too!



You can get through this!  Deal with one problem at a time, ask for help when you can, try to research- Knowledge is power, You can control some things, be wise and try your best,  DO NOT let negative self-talk take over…. It will try to creep in!  Push it back and focus on the task at hand.  You can cry when the battle is over!  And, it is very OK to cry when the battle is over.   No shame. 



Life is extremely stressful for a typical family right now.  Please, know you are not alone!  Someone has probably gone through a very similar scenario to yours. 



CDC Disability and Health Emergencies

Check Out our free Emergency Checklist

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