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More Alike Than Different Podcast- Episode 2
The Dreaded Question

Episode 2: The Dreaded QuestionGail Hamblin
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What is the Dreaded Question most families with special needs get asked?

Show Notes

     So, we know the question is coming.  “Did you know?”  It is great to have a few responses in your head when you feel flustered, annoyed, or simply done.  Most of us want to be polite.  Depending on your personality and how much you want to share you can customize your responses to the dreaded question. Here are some great ways to respond so you can be prepared when the dreaded question rears it’s head:


Yes Responses-

  • Yes, I did get a prenatal diagnosis. But, that is a sensitive topic for me and I do not really like to talk about it.  Thank you for understanding.

  • Yes, I did have testing done to see what medical problems my baby would have.  It was so refreshing to have that information so I could prepare before the baby came.

  • Yes, I did get a diagnosis before the baby was born.  But, my situation is my own and not up for discussion.

No Responses-

  • No, was I supposed to?

  • No, it was a total surprise.

  • No, but you never really know what life is going to give you, do you?

  • No, but even if I did know, I would have kept my baby.

None of Your Business Responses-

  • That is a really personal question.  I am not comfortable sharing that at this time.

  • I am not ready to talk about my experience yet.  Thank you for your concern.

  • I am still processing my experience and not ready to share with others yet.


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